Profile Sheets

Profile Sheets

Why colour coated or pre-painted sheets?

As we know that metal sheets get corroded/rusted with time and impact of envornment, to reduce and protect from corrosion we painted it with red oxide which not looks good and long lasting.

With time and Improved technology we have colour coated/ pre-painted sheets which are 2-3 times more long lasting and looks good. These sheet have different layers of coating both side, first layer give a protection from corrosion, 2nd is chromate coating, 3rd is primer coating, 4th is finish coat and last is protective film.
Benifits are:

  • Low Maintenance
  • High Resistance To Weather
  • Flexible Designs And Attractive Colours
  • Strong , Safe And Durable
  • Accurate Thickness, Width, And Length
  • High Strength And Weight Ratio
  • Leak Proof
  • Environment Friendly

Layers of Colour Coated Sheet

Images of Profile Sheets